About the Blue Eyed Baker

12565352_1658927671048162_1496842542315760771_nHi everyone! My name is Steve.
I am a new husband and a new home owner, and more importantly – blessed beyond belief! I have been fortunate enough to be able to live my life openly, travel the world and build the dream of my life with my wonderful husband, Richard. I have lived in some of the most wonderful cities in the United States and I hope to share my stories here.

Richard and I bought our dream home in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. To the ear, the city sounds like the second choice to many cities, however Des Moines has become home base to so many things we love and treasure. Our friends and family are close by which makes this the best place for us to build our life together!

My goal with Blue Eyed Baker is to not only give great information and lessons that I have learned, but also give avenues for bringing people together.  I hope to do that through food, bringing others in the from the community to share their thoughts and most of all to connect with you and continue to grow, The Blue Eyed Baker is a place where people can come to voice their thoughts and share their favorite life recipes!  Will you join me on this adventure?