Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts

Do you have a favorite from from your childhood? Do you still want to make or go buy that food? Well, for me that is nearly always the case! A favorite food from my childhood (and lets be honest – as an adult too) was the American favorite pastry filled with preservatives, Pop Tarts! When thinking about what to make for this pumpkin month, I knw I just had to put these on the list!

Pumpkin Pie Crisp Bars

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I wanted to see if I could try a recipe that would make this a little more appetizing but also up the game with the flavor. So I wanted to take two of my favorite things into one recipe.

Apple Cider Syrup

There is a little nip in the air, the trees, are red, oange and shades of faded green. This time of year ALWAYS call for one thing for Steve – cider! I could drink this everyday but I had this idea to make it part of my meal! WHAT?! Yes. And let me tell you, it it DELICIOUS!

Ultimate Apples 101

Caramel apples are SO EASY right? Ha. Not if you have tried them before. Luckily as a kid I was taught some amazing little tricks as I was watching my grandmother making them. But can you believe I had never made them on my own? Crazy. Back then my grandmother talked about peanuts, pecans, and other readily available things to put on them – but as you know we live in a crazy world now so we have to make them more ultimate!

Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip Bread

Hey everyone! As promised, this month is going to be surrounded around our fall favorite – pumpkin! I thought about the cliche ‘pumpkin spice’ foods, but frankly, I am not that basic. LOL Lets start with a really EASY recipe – pumpkin dark chocolate chip bread!

Steve’s Southern-Style Lemonade

While summer maybe coming to a close rather quickly, it never too late to enjoy the classic summer drink, especially on National Lemonade Day [August 20]! The best part about this is – its so easy to make and you know EXACTLY what is going into it! More and more, Richard and I become aware of what we are eating and what exactly is in it.